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Reload BlackBerry Device Software using AppLoader

Today I am going to be showing you how to do a clean reload of your BlackBerry OS software. There are a couple of ways to do it and but we will only be touching on the apploader for this tutorial. Learning how to reload your BlackBerry OS software can save you a lot of headaches caused by numerous re-occuring errors and corruptions on the BlackBerry as well as hours spent trying to get a hold of and talking with BlackBerry tech support.

The first thing you need to do regardless of which method you choose is that you will want to create a backup of all the information on your device. Be warned however; that if your device displays an app error or jvm type error this may not be possible, also be aware that should you back up your device and restore the information onto the new OS it could bring over the corrupted information and cause your problem to re-occur. If you do not know how back up your device information this information can be found in our tutorial – “How to Backup your BlackBerry Information”.

The first method we will be going over is the use of APPLoader.exe. Personally I find this method works the best, especially if you are receiving errors on the device or the BlackBerry desktop software is not recognizing your device.

Download the Device Software(BB OS) to Your Computer

  • a) Click on the link below, choose your device service providor (t-mobile,rogers,att etc) from the list on the page. BlackBerry Device Software Link Page
  • b) Once on your carrier page you will be asked to select the model number of your BlackBerry. If you do not know how find your BlackBerry model number if you are using a 5.0 device you would go to Options->About. If you are using a 6.0 device go to Options->Device->
  • c) Follow the prompts and depending on the Carrier or Service providers website you may be asked for some information. Once at the actual download link for the BlackBerry Device OS software click on it and then when the prompt comes up click “SAVE”. (see picture below)
Download Save/Run Box

*Note – Make sure that when you click “save” that you know where the computer is saving it to, try to save it to your desktop so that it can easily be found and accessed.

Download Save/Run Box

Installing the BlackBerry Device Software to your PC

  • a) After the Download is finished you may or may not get a window asking you whether you want to run or close. If you get this then click “RUN” if not then find the icon and double click on the icon to start the installation process.
  • b) Go through the prompts as you would a normal installation, the installation of the BlackBerry OS software is fairly straight forward. I would also like to note that at this point you should also ensure that your BlackBerry is disconnected and the BlackBerry desktop software is not open or you will get an error in the latter parts of the installation process.
  • c) Once done you should receive a box that asks you whether you want to start the blackberry desktop software and has a finish button down at the bottom. Ensure that you un-check the box as we do not want to open the desktop software, and then click finish.

Reloading the BlackBerry Device Software using AppLoader

    • a) Plug your BlackBerry into the PC and then click on My Computer (XP) or Computer (Vista/Win7). If this is not on your desktop then it will be in your START menu.
    • b) Double click on the C: drive icon and then proceed to the following directory:

For 32bit OS

      • i) C:/Program Files/Common Files/Research In Motion/AppLoader/loader.exe

For 64bit OS

      • ii) C:/Program Files (x86)/Common Files/Research In Motion/AppLoader/loader.exe
Download Save/Run Box
    • c) Click “NEXT” and then verify that your PIN is listed in the drop down box. We will leave that checkbox unchecked and then press “NEXT”. The apploader will attempt to connect to the device at this point.
Download Save/Run Box
    • d) Once the apploader has connected to the device you will get a window with a list of items that are going to be installed / uninstalled from the device. Go through this list and check everything you want installed and un-check all you want uninstalled. Once done click “NEXT”.
Download Save/Run Box
    • e) If the next screen prompts you with some backup options, click the “Do not automatically backup” option (we already backed up earlier) and then click “NEXT”. If you are not prompted with this window then your device is too corrupt or unable to be backed up.
Download Save/Run Box
    • d) On the next screen you should see a button that says “ADVANCED”. Click this button and on the window that pops up make sure that both options listed there are checked. Usually these will be both checked and grayed out which is fine. Click “NEXT”.
Download Save/Run Box
Download Save/Run Box
  • e) Finally you will get a screen with some text and then a “FINISH” button. Click FINISH and then the apploader will start to reload the software on your device. *Note – Do not disconnect your device until loading is complete, this will create bigger problems for you”
  • f) When the loading operation is complete you will get a message telling you that the software was successfully installed and there will be a “Close” button at the bottom of the window. Press “Close”. At this point you can unplug your device from the PC and you will have to wait about 5-15 min while your BlackBerry comes back up.

That’s it you have successfully done a clean reload of your BlackBerry OS software using the BlackBerry AppLoader.exe utility. Now all you have to do is to restore your information back to the device and you’re back to where you started only without the pesky errors. If you need help restoring your information be sure to read our “Restoring your BlackBerry Information” tutorial.

*Note – When restoring your data you will want to make sure you only restore items you absolutely need as restoring all of the information could end up putting the corrupted data or database back on the device. This will be talked more about in our tutorial on restoring BlackBerry information to the device.

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