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How to Fix BlackBerry JVM 545 error

Today we’re going to be talking about the JVM error 545 and how to fix this error to bring your BlackBerry back to life and make it usable again. For the most part JVM errors are in my opinion some of the worst errors because they tend to cripple your device to the point where you are unable to use it anymore.

Basically JVM error 545 means that the Java Virtual Machine that works to run java based software and apps (which is what the BlackBerry Smartphones use) has encountered and issue with one of the applications that it tried to run or work with. This can sometimes be just a small hiccup or can be a serious crash depending on what type of problem the Java Virtual Machine encountered.

These issues can be caused by things like corrupted applications, poor programming, incompatible apps or function calls from the application and other application based problem.

There are basically 2 possible Resolutions that will should help to resolve the JVM error 545 and restore your device to normal working condition again. These possible Resolutions are listed below.

Resolution 1: Preform a hard reset of the BlackBerry Device. In order to preform a hard reset simply make sure that the BlackBerry Device is on and then pull the battery out of the back of the BlackBerry. Wait a total of about 30 sec and then replace the battery and wait for the main screen to come back up on the BlackBerry. With any hope the error will be gone and you will back to normal.

If after doing a hard reset of the BlackBerry the screen comes up again with JVM error 545 then you will have to move on to the next resolution.

Resolution 2: The second resolution to this issue is basically a brute force method and requires that you completely reload the BlackBerry Device Software or upgrade it to the newest verison. In either instance your current BlackBerry will be completely wiped of all information and data and a new fresh operating system will be installed on the device. Want a step by step guide on how to do this? Click here - How to Clean Reload your BlackBerry Device Software.

Note - It is important that if you continue to get this error once you have all your data back on the device and all your applications installed,  that you keep track of when this error occurs and how often it occurs to determine which application is causing this issue.  If you notice a pattern you may have to call BlackBerry Technical Support and have them take a look at why this JVM error 545 continues to happen.

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