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How to Fix BlackBerry Error 102 or JVM Error 102

One of the most well known errors that you will encounter while using a BlackBerry smartphone is an app or jvm related error. Blackberry error 102 or jvm error 102 basically points to an error in a .cod file of an application or process that is running.  When the BlackBerry starts up it runs a check on all of the software files installed on the BlackBerry and if it notices a corruption or a problem with one of the files it will throw a blackberry error 102 or jvm error 102.

How do you resolve this issue?

Sadly the usual answer to this is that unless the BlackBerry tells you in the error message or you know what application files has become corrupt there really is no way to “Resolve” or “Fix” the issue. If you call BlackBerry Technical support they will usually gather logs from your phone and will review the logs to see what’s causing the error.  Many times when the BlackBerry receives an error 102 or a jvm error 102 it means that you will have to complete a couple of workarounds in order to overcome the error.

Option 1: Try taking the battery out for 30 seconds and then replacing it.  If this does not work make sure that you have the most up to date device software installed on the BlackBerry.  These update often have many fixes and updates to prevent errors such as the Blackberry error 102 or jvm 102 error.  If you have the most updated software and you still have the error you will need to do the next option.

Option 2:  Unfortunately if the above option did not work you will have to reload the BlackBerry OS back on the phone.  This can be achieved either through the BlackBerry Desktop Software or through the BlackBerry Apploader.  In my experience with this type of error and the process of reloading the BlackBerry OS it is much easier and more effective to use the AppLoader to reload your BlackBerry OS.   You can learn how to do that here – How to Reload BlackBerry OS with AppLoader.

At this point in time these are the only 2 workarounds that will work to get rid of this error.  So what I would suggest you take away from this is to make sure you are making backups of your BlackBerry on a regular basis this will prevent you from losing all of your information should you have to resort to reloading your operating system.

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