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    Electronic Arts is currently offering some of their biggest BlackBerry Games for 50%. Check it out
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    For a Limited Time BlackBerry is offering 2 HD quality games that you can download FREE for your PlayBook.
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     Tropical Coral Reef Theme
    Dive under the sea with this Tropical Coral Reef Theme. Perfect for the spring and summer months coming ahead. Get it for your BlackBerry Today
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     Golf Theme
    Enhance the look of your BlackBerry this golf season with the "4 The Love of Golf Theme"
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     Plants vs Zombies for BlackBerry PlayBook

    Plants vs Zombies for PlayBook

    Use your skill, smarts and speed to save you and your home from being over-ridden with zombies.
Posted On: 06/08/2012

Research In Motion Stops Production of 16GB PlayBook

The BlackBerry 16GB PlayBook as of today will no longer be produced and sold. What does this mean for the company, Take a look at why this decision was made here. [...]
Posted On: 06/07/2012

June Instagram Challenge – How You Can Join In

If you enjoy Instagram and taking and sharing photos with others then you will want to get in on the June Challenge for Instagram. Learn how you can become part of the photo-a-day june challenge. [...]
Posted On: 05/14/2012

Gameloft Inc App World Sale

Looking for some fun games that won't break the bank? Gameloft currently has a sale on all their games. Get more information on this incredible sale here [...]
Posted On: 05/08/2012

RIM Appoints New CEO and CMO Beefs up Leadership Team

RIM has added to their leadership team in an attempt to get their company back on track and increase their customer base. Take a look at who they hired here. [...]
Posted On: 05/04/2012

BlackBerry 10 Alpha – Impressive New Features

BlackBerry 10 is RIM's last hope to regain some ground in the Smartphone market. This year BlackBerry showcased the new BlackBerry 10 Alpha which could be just what they need to make a comeback. Check it out here [...]
Posted On: 05/03/2012

BlackBerry 10 – New Camera Features

BlackBerry 10 was a major focal point for the BlackBerry World 2012 conference. Take a look at the new camera features of the BlackBerry 10 that were unveiled this year. [...]
Posted On: 05/01/2012

Everything you Need to Know About BlackBerry Enterprise Activations

Learn all about BlackBerry Enterprise activations. This guide gives you everything you need to know about activations so that you can get your users activated and ready to go as quickly as possible. [...]
Posted On: 02/27/2012

10 Must Have BlackBerry PlayBook Apps

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 is out and there are more apps than ever. Here is a list of 10 must have BlackBerry PlayBook apps for your PlayBook [...]
Posted On: 02/24/2012

PlayBook OS 2.0 – A Look at the Enhanced Bridge App

BlackBerry Bridge is an app that has been developed by RIM to connect your BlackBerry phone to the BlackBerry PlayBook, take a look at the new features and enhancements to this app that was added with the release of PlayBook OS 2.0 [...]
Posted On: 02/23/2012

PlayBook 2.0 – Taking a Look at the Enhanced Browser

One of the biggest updates to the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 was the browser enhancements, but did this really make a difference and does it really work as fast as RIM says it does? Find out with this comparison. [...]
Posted On: 04/16/2012

TringMe for BlackBerry

TringMe is a worldwide mobile calling solution that allows you to make calls from anywhere to anywhere in the world for Free. Take a look at some of the other features of this quickly growing mobile app. [...]
Posted On: 03/05/2012

SpeedoMeter for BlackBerry

The SpeedoMeter app is a very handy app for keeping track of your speed in real time no matter where you are, or what you're driving. [...]
Posted On: 03/05/2012

Emergency Information Pro for BlackBerry

Medical emergencies can happen to anyone at anytime and can happen when we least expect them to. Be ready in case an emergency situation happen to find you with Emergency Information Pro. [...]
Posted On: 02/22/2012

Task Manager and Process Viewer

Is your BlackBerry Battery dying too quickly or your data usage seem to high. Take a look at the Task Manager and Process Viewer, an app designed to save battery life and data usage by turning off un-needed processes and applications. [...]
Posted On: 02/20/2012

ProOnGo Expense – Expense Report

Track, manage and approve your employees expenses right from your BlackBerry. Save yourself a ton of time with expense report creation and data gathering with the ProOnGo Expense app for your BlackBerry Smartphone. [...]
Posted On: 04/28/2012

Brick Breaker 3D for BlackBerry Smartphone

Tired of the old Brick Breaker for BlackBerry? Take a look at the newest 3D version of Brick Breaker and give yourself a new challenge. [...]
Posted On: 04/23/2012

Dead Space for BlackBerry PlayBook

Immerse yourself into this fantastic shooter that will have you killing necromorphs for hours. Take a look at Dead Space for the BlackBerry PlayBook now [...]
Posted On: 02/24/2012

Papa’s Bugeria

Put on your apron, grab your spatula and get ready to run Papa's Burger shop. You're a one man show in this fun fast paced strategy game. Take orders, make food, manage toppings and serve the customers. Can you keep the customers happy and deliver all the food on time? [...]
Posted On: 02/24/2012

Pirate Raid for BlackBerry PlayBook

Stop at nothing to gather your loot, shoot your way past obstacles to get your gold in this fantastic physics based pirate game. Pirate Raid is fun and addictive and will put your logic and thinking skills to the test. [...]
Posted On: 02/16/2012

Plants vs. Zombies for BlackBerry PlayBook

Battle against zombies trying to attack you and your home with 46 different types of zombie-zapping plants. Can you use your speed and smarts to save yourself and your home from all the invading zombies?. [...]